You want your trip to Tuscany to be memorable, smooth, fun (for the kids and the adults).
You don’t have hours and hours to gather information.
Your eyes are glazing over as you read website after website and their ‘expert’ tips for your Tuscan vacation.    
You’ve listened to your aunts and neighbors tell you about the trips they took to Florence years ago.
You wish you knew a mom in Tuscany you could call up who would tell you exactly what to do.
That’s where I come in!

Whenever I’m planning a trip to a new (or favorite) place, I always look for moms that live in the location we’ll be visiting.  I know they have the current information I want and need – which kids activities are best now (not a few months ago), where the best kid-friendly hotels are, fun things to do with little ones, travel gear that will make the trip smooth, and more. 
I’m a mamma of three, based in a small Tuscan town.  I’ve got the scoop on where to go and what to do.  I’m your on-the-ground connection. 
I have over 17 years of experience planning vacations in Italy, from the Dolomites to Sicily. 
I’ve also traveled all over the globe, from Sweden to Argentina, from Indonesia to Tajikistan. 
Most days you’ll find me running after my three boys, ages 6, 3, and 4 months.  When I have free time (haha), I love cycling the Tuscan hills, practicing calligraphy, and decorating sugar cookies. 
Italy is my love (well, after my family…) and I’d love to help you and your family make memories in Tuscany – andiamo!