The entrance to the market in forte dei marmi, italy on a sunny day.

The Market in Forte Dei Marmi – My Top 10 Tips

Forte dei Marmi is the definition of a luxe beachside town. Designer shops, exquisite restaurants, luxurious beach clubs and chic nightclubs all contribute to Forte dei Marmi’s reputation. You may not have it pegged as a market destination – but you should. The market in Forte dei Marmi is one of Italy’s highest quality and most well-known.

Whether you’re vacationing in Forte dei Marmi or driving in from a nearby city, you’ll want to be prepared for what awaits you at the market.  Read on for an introduction to the market in Forte dei Marmi and 10 helpful tips to make the most of your visit!

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There’s something at the market in Forte dei Marmi for everyone.  You’ll see tourists, Forte dei Marmi locals, and Italians that drive to town just to shop at the weekly market. 

The Best Things To Shop For At The Market In Forte Dei Marmi

  • classic and trendy cashmere clothing
  • trendy summer dresses and beach cover ups
  • swimsuits
  • housewares & gorgeous linens
  • Italian designer coats and clothing
  • locally-made ceramic dishware
  • leather goods
  • trendy handbags and straw bags
  • shoes
  • sometimes vintage clothing (like jeans)
  • Christmas decorations during the weeks leading up to Christmas

My Top 10 Tips For The Forte Dei Marmi Market

grey cashmere with a close up of the label that says 100% cashmere - prodotto interamente in italia
Market vendors are proud to display Made In Italy labels – this one says it’s ‘entirely made in Italy’
  1. Know which shopping buddies to bring with you. Don’t bring kids with you unless you have to. It’s a very crowded market and there aren’t stalls that are attractive to little ones.  There are plenty of other fun things to do with kids in Forte dei Marmi. Also, leave unenthusiastic partners at a nearby café. 
  2. Check the weather and bring an umbrella if there’s rain in the forecast. It’s an open-air market and you’ll be exposed if it starts to rain. The vendors have their goods covered so the market will stay open.
  3. Wear uncomplicated clothing if you want to try coats or other clothing on.  You can change in simple changing areas, but it will be too difficult if you’re wearing many layers or wearing bulky pieces of clothing. 
  4. Go early if you want to avoid the crowds.  And don’t wait until the closing time, expecting to get a bargain.  Sometimes market stalls start packing up early. 
  5. Don’t try to park right next to the market. It’s busy and you’ll spend precious market time looking for a parking spot. There is plenty of parking on the main road that parallels the beach, Viale della Repubblica. The best solution is to find a spot on Viale della Repubblica north of the market and then walk back along the beach path until you get back to the market in Piazza Marconi.
  6. Have cash handy. Most vendors ask for cash. If you need to use a bancomat (ATM), there’s one on Via Carducci, just across the (pedestrian) street from the market.
  7. Eat something before you go to the market. No one has fun shopping when he/she’s ‘hangry!’ Before starting your market visit, join the line at Valè for some fresh-out-of-the-oven focaccine or schiacciata
  8. Check for quality and confirm that your potential purchase is Made In Italy. The market vendors are proud of their Made In Italy status, but every once in awhile something from elsewhere sneaks in. Make the effort now so you won’t be disappointed later.
  9. Many of the vendors at the Forte dei Marmi market are not open to haggling. Of course, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for a lower price, but don’t expect to get it. 
  10. Make sure you see both rings of stalls. There are inner and outer rings. It’s easy to lose focus and only pay attention to one part, but the market has wonderful products so be sure to check them all out.

You Will Love The Market In Forte Dei Marmi If…

colorful coats on display at the market in forte dei marmi, italy
  • You’re looking for a bargain on high-quality, designer goods.  You won’t find cashmere sweaters for 15€… they may be 60-90€ 
  • You’re interested in the latest styles of beach wear, summer dresses, coats, handbags, and more.  The vendors showcase current styles, not last season’s leftover goods.
  • You’re seeking gorgeous linens and home goods, especially those with a summer or beach theme.

You Won’t Enjoy The Market In Forte Dei Marmi If…

  • You’re looking for a market full of fruits and vegetables. Check out the Sunday Farmer’s Market for fresh, local fruit and vegetables.
  • You love bargaining and are looking for inexpensive goods. You’ll enjoy regular Italian markets much more.
  • You need to try everything on – it’s not possible at each stall (and even less so during the pandemic).
  • You’re trying to entertain your young children. It’s not an enjoyable visit for kids. If you do need help keeping your kids in line, there is a small (overpriced) toy stand at the entrance on Via Carducci that can be used as an end-of-visit-bribe.

Where Is The Forte Dei Marmi Open-Air Market?

You’ll find the bustling open-air market in Piazza Marconi, in the center of Forte dei Marmi.

Market In Forte Dei Marmi – Operating Hours And Days

The famous Forte dei Marmi market is open from 8:00-13:30, every Wednesday, all year long.  There’s also a smaller version on Sundays (running from Easter Sunday through October), but if you can, check out the main Wednesday market. 

What To Do After Visiting The Market

forte dei marmi beach with beach umbrellas and the mountains in the background
  • Have lunch – either at a bagno on the beach or at a restaurant in town.
  • Head to the beach for an afternoon of luxurious relaxation under a beach umbrella.
  • Check out Forte dei Marmi’s designer shops in town. There are plenty of well-known Italian designers (Gucci, Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and more) as well as local boutiques.
  • Go for a bike ride along the beach path. All right, it’s not right on the beach – the bagni take up the beachfront property. But, it’s still a pleasant path to ride along. It’s a great way to check out the area and when you’re tired you can stop at a bagno for a snack or drink.
  • If you have kids, take them to the spacious Parco Sabin playground, ride bikes with them on the beach path, let them drive the mini cars on Piazza Marconi (after the market vendors have packed up), or take them to the little carnival rides on the beach side of the piazza.

Other Forte Dei Marmi Markets

While the Wednesday open-air market in Piazza Marconi is the most famous of Forte’s markets, there are a few more that satisfy other desires:

Antiques Market – all year in Piazza Dante
2nd weekend of the month (Saturday & Sunday)
June-September 9:00-0:00 (midnight)
October-February 9:00-17:30
March-May 9:00-19:00

Farmers Market (Kilometer 0) – all year
Piazza Donatori di Organi – 1st, 3rd, 5th Sunday of month
Via Assisi, Loc. Vittoria Apuana – 2nd, 4th Sunday of month

close up look at about 15 fresh green figs

Food Market (fruit, vegetables, cheese, etc) – all year in Piazza Donatori di Organi