Mom and boy play in the sand on the beach in forte dei marmi, italy.

Forte dei Marmi With Kids – 11 Best Things To Do

Are you thinking of visiting Forte dei Marmi, Italy with kids?

Forte dei Marmi is known a beach playground for celebrities and wealthy Italians and Europeans.  Fancy beach clubs, refined restaurants, and designer-label boutiques dot the umbrella pine-lined streets. 

At first glance, it may not seem like a destination for families, but we love visiting Forte dei Marmi with kids.

Why?  It’s a safe place and there are plenty of pedestrian areas in the center.  Along with the lux Michelin starred restaurants, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes with kid-friendly options.  And, there are quite a few kid-focused activities.  All of these combined make a visit to Forte dei Marmi with kids fun for parents and little ones alike!

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The 11 Best Things To Do In Forte Dei Marmi With Kids

Go To The Beach

family playing in the water with the beach and beach umbrellas in the background in forte dei marmi, italy

Swim in the sea and build sandcastles at the beach (one of our top family activities in Tuscany)!

Rent out an umbrella or tent and sun lounger at one of Forte dei Marmi’s bagni for the day.  Sure, you can find a spot on the free public beach, but with kids, a place at a bagno is convenient and fun.  You’ll find changing cabanas, showers, and well-maintained beach areas. Some bagni also have play areas for children, swimming pools, restaurants, and more.

green showers at an italian bagno, with green beach changing cabanas in the back on the right
Amenities like showers and changing cabins make bagni convenient for families

We recommend Bagno Giuliana, but know that it does not have a swimming pool.

close up of mosaic 'bagno giuliana' sign with feet in flip flops below it
Bagno Giuliana was renovated in 2020 but kept touches of its past like this mosaic at the entryway

The beaches of Forte dei Marmi are sandy (not rocky, like many beaches further north up the coast). There are waves, but they are generally small and fine for children. In front of the bagni you’ll see lifeguards on duty – still, make sure you keep a close eye on your children. There are rip tides.

Rent And Ride Bikes On The Bike Path

man and two small boys facing away from the camera, riding their bicycles down the bike path in forte dei marmi, italy
Forte dei Marmi’s beachside bike path is fun for all ages

This is one of our favorite things to do as a family in Forte dei Marmi. We bring our bikes, but it’s just as easy to rent them at the many shops offering rentals. You can the right size of bike for everyone in the family. Or, opt for the bicycles with little carriages in front with room for a few kids.

There is an excellent bike path that parallels the beach (but be careful of cars coming into and out of the bagni parking lots).  There are also areas in town that are perfect for kids to ride in – in the piazza and on some of the smaller streets. The best place to ride is the path along the beach. 

Practice Your Italian At The Farmer’s Market

If you have a child that’s learning Italian, a great place to practice is at the weekly farmer’s market. Practice some basics and leave with high-quality kilometer 0 fruits and vegetables.

Phrases for your child to practice at the market:

buongiornohello, good day
quanto costa?how much does it cost?
vorrei…I would like…
per favoreplease
graziethank you
buona giornata!have a great day!

Play Under The Umbrella Pines At Parco Sabin

play structures at forte dei marmi's parco sabin, shaded by tall umbrella pine trees
Parco Sabin is a gorgeous playground full of play structures and shaded by umbrella pines

Local children and visitors are lucky to have the beautiful and spacious Parco Sabin in the center of town.

There are numerous well-maintained play structures, including swings, slides, and climbing structures. It’s fenced in, which isn’t common in Italian playgrounds, but is definitely appreciated by this mamma!

In the summer there are activities for younger kids like storytime, poetry readings, performances, games, and workshops. Information on the kids activities is posted on the fence at the park. And, during the summer months, it’s also open late, so you can stop in after dinner if the kids still have energy they need to use up!

Drive Kid-Sized Cars Or Take A Ride In A Horse Carriage

father and son driving a small car on a carless road around piazza marconi in forte dei marmi, italy.  tall umbrella pines are on the left of the road

The mini cars in Piazza Marconi are a hit for kids of all ages. The littlest ones will need an adult to ride with them and help them steer and push the gas and brake pedals. For a few euro, you can take two laps around the large piazza (the location of the famous Wednesday morning open-air market).

It never gets old – our kids ask to drive the cars every visit!

Another option in the same piazza is to take a ride on a carriage pulled by a horse.

Go On The Rides At The Amusement Park

canoe ride with real water 'river' for small children at the forte dei marmi amusement park.
Canoe ride for the little ones at the Forte dei Marmi amusement park

You’ll find a small amusement park (think 5 or 6 rides for small children) between Piazza Marconi and the beach. It’s open from the afternoon until late in the evening and while there are definitely better amusement parks in Italy, it’s a fun stop for little kids.

Enjoy a gelato

sole mio gelateria storefront in forte dei marmi, italy.  outdoor chairs and table in the forefront with two people eating at another table
Gelateria Sole Mio makes their own delicious gelato

Show me a kid (or adult) that doesn’t like gelato. A quick trip to a gelateria can heal wounds, fix tantrums, and satisfy cravings. To be honest, Forte dei Marmi isn’t full of gelaterie like most Italian towns are. Make sure you’re buying homemade ‘artigianale‘ gelato – not gelato shipped in from a factory.

If you’re at the bagno and craving ice cream, you’ll probably need to settle for a packaged ice cream bar like a Magnum or Cornetto (both delicious!).

Have A Kid Aperitivo

The adult evening ritual of having aperitivo can be enjoyed by kids too (just senza – without – alcohol). Order a fruit juice or frizzante water for your children and let them munch on the accompanying finger foods. If they finish before you do, let them play in the piazza while you finish your adult aperitivo.

Grab Some Foccacine

Wait in line at the Forte dei Marmi institution, Valè, and grab some foccacine as they come out of the oven. Foccacine are little focaccia bread discs that are the perfect size for kids. They make a great snack for the beach or park. Or, they can be part of a bigger picnic spread.

Shop At Forte Dei Marmi’s Kid Boutiques

Fashionista kids will want to check out the boutiques focused on kids. There are quite a few of them in town. Bring a large piggy bank – they may be kids clothes, but they have adult prices.

Even if you’re not interested in buying, it’s fun to see the latest fashions for kids from the famous Italian designers and smaller high-quality Italian brands.

If you’re looking for bargains, check out the kids stands at the Wednesday morning open-air market. There are often good deals on quality cashmere for kids (I’ve found a couple of cashmere sweaters here that have lasted through three kids) and other adorable kids’ outfits. The market is easiest to visit without kids, though.

kids clothing stand at the forte dei marmi market.   dresses hang from the top of the tent and there are clothes racks in the background and piles of clothing in the center.  an older woman on the left looks through some of the clothing.
The Wednesday open air market has a couple of kids’ clothing stands

Walk Out Onto The Pier

Kids love making it out to the end of the pier. The view of the sea is gorgeous and looking back at the mountains is stunning also.

It’s stroller friendly, but if you have adventurous kids, make sure you keep them away from the railings – they have large spaces and would be easy to slip through and into the water.

Family Friendly Hotels In Forte Dei Marmi

There are multiple luxury hotels in Forte dei Marmi, as well as villas for rent. Both a luxury hotel and a villa can be excellent options for families. Below I’ve listed two 4-star hotels that are great places to stay with kids without breaking the bank.

The Hermitage – ask for connecting rooms; pool; kids outdoor play area; beach club; close to town center

California Park Hotel – pool; kids outdoor play area; close to the beach; easy parking

The Best Places To Eat With Kids In Forte Dei Marmi

Pesce Baracca (via Achille Franceschi, 2.  +39.0584.171.6337) – the freshest fish, casual options (like fish burgers and fries) with more sophisticated menu items (and wine!) for parents.  Follow up your meal with a walk to the

Nelson (via Roma, 8.  +39.0584.80801) – pizza and casual fare, nice outdoor seating.  Kids can play in the pedestrian area if they finish eating early

Valè (Piazza G. Garibaldi, 4.  +39.0584.89361) – kid-sized foccacia, perfect for takeaway and eating at the beach.  Or, eat there and let the kids play in the piazza.

Bagno restaurants – you can eat in the sand and kids can play while you’re eating

nighttime at a piazza in forte dei marmi with restaurants in the background
Forte dei Marmi’s restaurants on piazzas are perfect for family dinners – I like to let my kids play in the piazza once they’ve finished eating

How To Travel To Forte Dei Marmi With Kids

While Forte dei Marmi can be reached by train, it’s easiest to arrive by car if you’re coming with kids.  If you have your own rental car, you can carry all of the necessary equipment (stroller, suitcases full of baby gear) and you have more flexibility for stops – potty breaks and fun stops along the way.  Read our Tips for Tuscany Car Rental!

If you’re traveling from Florence, you’ll need to take the A11 to the E80, and exit Versilia. 

If you’re traveling along the coast from the north or south, you’ll want to get to the E80 and exit Versilia.

If you’re arriving by air, the most convenient airport is Pisa. Florence is the next best option.

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How To Get Around Forte Dei Marmi With Kids

Forte dei Marmi is paradise for beach cruisers and cycling!  If you don’t have bikes with you, don’t fret.  There are a few cycling shops that rent out bicycles for the entire family. 

Man and two boys cycling on a wide stone sidewalk in forte dei marmi, italy.  there is a shop on the left selling clothing and a scooter on the street on the right
You’ll see both locals and tourists (like my boys and husband here) moving around town by bicycle

You can also easily get around on foot.  If you have a stroller and enjoy walking, the bike path that parallels the beach also has a pedestrian lane.  It’s a lovely place for a morning or afternoon walk – or if your little one will nap in the stroller. 

The town also has nice sidewalks, which isn’t always a given in Italy.

pushing a grey stroller on a sidewalk in forte dei marmi, italy with a fenced property on the left and trees and bushes in the rest of the frame.  you can see houses on the right
I find that moving around with a stroller is easy in Forte dei Marmi

If you need to move around by car, know that sometimes it can be tricky to find parking in town, especially close to the center and on the morning of the Wednesday open-air market.  Whenever possible, leave your car at the hotel or parked on the street.

bicycles and cars parked at a bagno in forte dei marmi, italy
Beachside bagni have parking for cars and bicycles

Nearby Attractions For Kids

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