Toy Stores in Florence, Italy – Our Family’s Top 5

If you’re coming to Florence, you’re probably focused on visiting the city’s famous museums, wandering its streets, and sampling delicious gelato. But, if you’re coming to Florence with kids (or heading home to some after you’re trip), it’s fun to check out the local toy stores.

Even if you don’t plan on buying anything, it’s fun to see toys that are for sale in the country you’re visiting.

We’ve got a handful of toy stores in the center of Florence, with a variety of toys ranging from international bestsellers to locally-produced wooden toys. You’ll find something for all ages and interests!

Here are our family’s five favorite toy stores in Florence.

Map of the Best Florence Toy Shops

Città del Sole

Colorful storefront of the Città del Sole toy store in the historic center of Florence, Italy.

Città del Sole, means Sun City. And when you walk into this toy shop, you’ll definitely feel joy!

This is our favorite toy shop in Florence (both mine and my boys’). It has an excellent selection of high-quality toys sorted by age group (so helpful) and toy type (games, arts and crafts, nature, music, etc). You can tell the store’s buyer carefully chooses each toy – we find something new and unique on each visit.

Types of toys you’ll find here:

  • wooden toys
  • little cars and tents that you can try out in the shop
  • Brio train sets
  • board games
  • puzzles
  • science kits
  • Montessori toys
  • basic astronomy equipment

Good To Know: The books and games are Italian versions.

Good To Know: There are two other Città del Sole toy stores outside of the Florence city center, and there are more stores in cities throughout Italy.

Contact Info:
Via dello Studio, 23r
+39 055.2381327
Città del Sole website

Dreoni Giocattoli

Dreoni Giocattoli storefront in Florence, Italy.

This toy store, in Florence since 1923, is a hit with little kids and big kids. It doesn’t look very big from the outside, but inside you’ll find a large shop filled to the brim with colorful toys. It has a bit of a Hamley’s (of London) feel, and the prices to match.

Types of toys you’ll find here:

  • classic toys like Playmobil and LEGO
  • dolls
  • model cars and trains
  • Italian and international brands
  • puzzles
  • stuffed animals
  • board games

Good To Know: The word for ‘toys’ in Italian is ‘giocattoli.’

Contact Info:
Via Camillo Cavour, 31/33r
+39 055.216611
Dreoni Giocattoli website

Eureka Kids

Wall display in Eureka Kids toy store in Florence, Italy.

Eureka Kids is a small toy shop on a quiet street. It’s geared toward younger children, and has educational and creative toys. My kids love looking at the musical instruments section.

Types of toys you’ll find here:

  • English and Italian-language toys
  • nature toys
  • musical instruments
  • Italian and international brands
  • arts and crafts
  • science kits
  • wooden toys

Contact Info:
Borgo degli Albizi, 60r
+39 055.2466095
Eureka Kids website


Bartolucci toy shop entrance in Florence, Italy.

Bartolucci is a fun shop to check out and you can even see the wood workshop and have some of the toys personalized. All of the toys are made in Italy.

Types of toys you’ll find here:

  • wooden toys (using Italian wood)
  • Pinocchio toys
  • clocks

Contact Info:
Via della Condotta, 12/r
+39 055.211773
Bartolucci website

Good To Know: Pinocchio is from Tuscany! The author of The Adventures of Pinocchio, Carlo Collodi, wrote the book in Pescia, about one hour from Florence. You can visit the Pinocchio Park, with all things Pinocchio, in the adjacent town of Collodi.

LEGO Store Firenze

True, you can find LEGO all over the world, but the LEGO store in Florence has special Italy-themed models that make a visit worthwile. Newly opened in May 2022.

Types of toys you’ll find here:

  • LEGO!

Contact Info:
Via dei Calzaiuoli, 71r
+39 055.8029708
LEGO website

Bonus – The Paperback Exchange

Okay, okay, so it’s not exactly a toy store, but books are fun and make great gifts! The Paperback Exchange is an English-language bookstore that carries both used and new books.

There are Italy-focused books as well as classics, mostly for younger kids.

Contact Info:
Via delle Oche, 4r
+39 055.293460

Good To Know: Looking for a place to take a break? The Paperback Exchange doesn’t really have a kids reading area, but the big RED Feltrinelli bookstore in Piazza della Signoria has a kids section on the 1st floor (not the ground floor) with Italian books and a seating area for kids. There’s also a cafe inside the store, toilets (if you buy something), plenty of English-language books for adults, and a gift section near the registers.

Florence Italy Toy Store Tips


If you’re a permanent resident in a non-EU country and you spend more than €154.95 in one of these toy shops, you can get your VAT (value-added tax), a whopping 22%, refunded.

Gift Wrapping

Most Italian stores will wrap gifts (regali) for free. If they don’t offer, ask if they’ll wrap it for you.

Good To Know: Don’t wrap an item that you’re getting a VAT refund on. You may be asked to show it when you leave the country (at the airport).

Check the Language

That science kit looks like so much fun! Make sure the instructions are in the correct language! It can be difficult to do an experiment with Italian instructions if you don’t speak the language.

Unavailable at Home

If you find a toy that looks like a perfect fit, do a quick check to see if you can get it easily at home. It may not be worth lugging around Florence or Italy if you can get it in your hometown.

Alternative Joy

If your child won’t leave you alone about buying a toy or looking at Florence toy shops but you just don’t want to bring another toy into your home… find another way to bring joy to you and your child(ren):

  • get a gelato
  • play in one of Florence’s playgrounds
  • climb a tower
  • ride the carousel in Piazza della Repubblica
  • take a cooking class