Transport options signs in front of you when you walk into arrivals area of Florence airport.

How to Get From the Florence Airport to the City Center

Your plane has landed and you’re ready to devour your first gelato and marvel at Michelangelo’s statue of David. But first, you’ve got to get from the Florence airport to the city center.

Florence’s closest airport is Peretola (FLR) airport (Aeroporto di Firenze – Peretola in Italian). How close? It’s less than 6 kilometers from the terminal to the center of Florence (Santa Maria Novella, the city’s central train station).

To get from the Florence airport to the city center and your Florence hotel, you have multiple options – some affordable and some luxurious. Some are on public transport and others are private. All of them will have you in Florence faster than you can say bistecca alla Fiorentina.

The Best Ways to Travel from the Florence Airport to the City Center

FASTESTTram (also called Tramvia) – 18 minutes
CHEAPESTTram – 1.70€

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Transport Options from Florence to the City Center

In the chart, you’ll find the basics you need to make your decision on how to travel from the Florence airport to the city center. Below the chart you’ll find more detailed information on each mode of transport.

Mode Route Distance* TimeCostHoursMap
Tram (Line T2)6 km18 min1.70€ per personSee websiteGoogle map
Taxi8 km20 min22€24 hrs
Private Car8 km20 minFrom 60€24 hrs
Rental Car8 km20 minVariesDepends on rental companyGoogle map
Foot5.3 km1 hr 10 minFreeGoogle map
Bicycle7.8 km 30 minFreeGoogle map
*Distance from the Florence Airport to the Santa Maria Novella train station. Your hotel or arrival point in Florence may be a bit closer or further away.

Good To Know: There is no longer an airport shuttle bus (the tram was a faster and easier option). You can take local buses from just outside the airport (by the traffic light), but if you’re heading to the city center, it’s easier to use one of the options in the table above.

Traffic While Traveling from the Florence Airport to the City Center

In general, Florence has traffic during commuting times (7:00-9:00 in the morning and 17:00-19:00 in the evening).

During the school year (mid-September through mid-June), you’ll also see heavy traffic when school gets out around 16:00.

Traffic can turn a 20-minute trip into an hour-long adventure (it’s happened to us many times!). Keep this in mind if you’ll be traveling from the Florence airport to the city center during these time periods.

More Info on Transport Options From Florence Airport to the City Center

Tram (Tramvia)

front section of the front of the tram from florence airport to city center, waiting at the stop at the airport

Florence’s tram began operating in 2019. It’s popular with locals and is catching on with visitors to the city.

To get to the city center, take the T2 tram. There are 12 stops along its route from the airport to the city center, but it gets you into the city very quickly – it’s just 18 minutes to the Florence Santa Maria Novella train station.

Operating Hours: It runs from the early morning to around midnight and even longer on the Friday and Saturday. Check the website for current operating hours.

Where to Catch It: Exit the airport arrivals door, turn left, and you’ll see it ahead of you.

walkway to tram that takes passengers from florence airport to city center
Walkway to the tram that will take you to the Florence city center

Buying Tickets: You can purchase tickets at the tram stops in the machines, using credit card or cash. You can also buy tickets with an app, by text message. See the tram’s website for more information.

ticket machine at the tram that takes passengers from florence airport to city center

Tickets are part of the same network as the Florence public buses, so once you validate your ticket, you have 90 minutes of travel time on the tram or Florence’s ATAF bus network. 

Before getting on the tram, make sure you validate your ticket by sticking it into the machine next to the track. If you don’t validate your ticket, you’re essentially traveling without one. If you’re caught without one, you’ll be fined – not a great way to start off your trip to Florence!

Where to Get Off: The final station is Unità, near the Duomo. The stop at the Santa Maria Novella station is the second to last stop – it’s called Alamanni – Stazione SMN.

Luggage: You are allowed two pieces of luggage per person.


Where to Get a Taxi: Turn right out of the arrivals door and walk along the building until you get to the end of it. At the end of the building, turn right and walk 25 meters to the sign that says “PRIMO DI FILA – WAIT HERE.” There may be a long line but don’t worry – it moves quickly.  

line of taxis at the florence italy airport
Turn right at the end of the building (here) and walk 25 meters to the taxi line

If you arrive and there are no taxis waiting (rare), call +39 055 4242 or +39 055 4390 to order a taxi.  You will be told the name and number of the taxi – for example, Parigi 35 or Monaco 15.

close up of taxi call sign on the side of a white florence taxi
Official Florence taxis have a call sign like this (Monaco 15)

Rates are fixed! They are posted at the taxi stand and inside the taxi. There are different fixed rates for:

  • Normal Hours: 22.00€
  • Holiday Hours: 24.00€
  • Night Hours: 25.30€


  • Bags: 1.00€ per bag, maximum 7 bags
  • Airport Supplement: 2.70€ – Note that this supplement only applies if you are traveling from the airport somewhere outside of the city center.
orange poster with rates from florence airport to city center
This sign with current rates is posted at the taxi stand.

How to Pay: Most taxi drivers will accept credit card payment – make sure you ask before you begin your journey.

Private Car

In Italy, a private car is called an N.C.C., or a Noleggio Con Conducente (rental with driver). This is a stress-free option because your driver can meet you at arrivals with a sign, load up your luggage, and take you directly to your hotel in Florence.

While it is a more expensive option, it can be worth it, especially if you’re just finishing up a long journey.

If you are traveling with a baby or small child, you can ask if the NCC will provide a car or van with a car seat.

An N.C.C. vehicle is required to have a special decal on the back of the vehicle. Do not accept rides from drivers who are not licensed.

ncc decal close up from the back of a private driver's van
Close up of an NCC decal – make sure your vehicle has this!

Remember that your private car must be reserved ahead of time.

Please see the Florence Directory for drivers and companies I recommend.

Rental Car

Major car rental companies that operate out of the Florence Airport include:

  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Dollar
  • Enterprise
  • Europcar
  • Hertz
  • National
  • Sicily by Car
  • Sixt
  • Thrifty
Sign at the entrance of the Florence car rental location shows car rental companies and which direction to go to pickup and drop off cars. There is also a white sign on the left that points to 'Palagio degli Spini Rent a Car.'
List of car rental companies operating at the Florence airport

Where to Pick Up Your Rental Car: The car rental pickup location is offsite, but next to the airport. Take the free shuttle bus that runs every 5-20 minutes. The shuttle bus stop is in front of the arrivals door. Exit the doors and walk to the right (less than 50 meters) until you see it on your left.

Wait here for…
…this shuttle bus

From the car rental location, you can drive into Florence.

Helpful Tip: If you’re staying in Florence for a while, I wouldn’t recommend picking up a rental car at the airport. Driving in Florence isn’t fun (or necessary for tourist visits) and parking is expensive. Instead, take a different mode of transport to the Florence city center, and then rent a car in Florence when you’re ready to leave the city and begin the part of your trip that requires a car (for example, exploring the Tuscan countryside).

If you’re renting a car, check out
Renting a Car at the Florence Airport
Renting a Car in Italy
Renting a Car in Tuscany

Important: If your hotel is in a ZTL (zono traffico limitato – limited traffic zone), make sure you give your rental car’s license plate number to your hotel’s reception.  They will contact the local authorities, so you don’t receive a fine.

On Foot

Yes, you can wheel your bag all the way from the airport to the city center – but I would definitely avoid it and instead choose to take the inexpensive and quick tram ride.

If you’re dead-set on walking, it’s about a 6 kilometer walk, on a not particularly scenic route, but it will get you to the center of Florence. If you’re willing to lengthen the route, when you reach the Parco delle Cascine, head toward the Arno River and walk along its banks for a more scenic route to the city center.

This option is best avoided at night.


If you’re planning on bicycle touring in Italy, you may be arriving at the Florence airport with your bicycle and gear, ready to ride. After unpacking and assembling your bicycle at the airport, please ask a staff member where you should dispose of your bicycle box.

The best route from the airport to the Florence city center is cutting through the Peretola neighborhood to get to the Arno, and then riding along the bike path all the way into town (30 meters elevation gain). You’ll see other cyclists, joggers, and walkers, and you’ll ride by Florence’s largest green area, the Parco delle Cascine.

Need a part for your bicycle or a quick pump of your tires? Stop by Florence’s Bicisport bicycle shop. It’s on your way into town (though not on the Arno River path).

Useful Italian Phrases for Traveling from the Florence Airport to the City Center

Vorrei un biglietto per la tramvia per il centro.
I would like a tram ticket to the city center.

Dove posso trovare un taxi?
Where can I find a taxi?

Dov’e’ la tramvia per il centro?
Where is the tram that goes to the city center?

Dov’e trovo lo shuttle per l’autonoleggio?
Where is the shuttle to the car rental offices?

Quanto costa il biglietto?
How much does the ticket cost?

Information for Families Traveling from the Florence Airport to the City Center

  • Kids under 1 meter travel for free on the tram, as long as they don’t occupy a seat (one child per adult).
  • If it’s in your budget, the easiest way to get to the center with kids and luggage is to take a taxi or private car. Your driver will help with luggage and take you directly to your hotel. This will get you out exploring the city quickly – the Accademia awaits!
  • Try to have euros on hand for payment. You may not have a credit card payment option available – machines break down, some drivers don’t accept cards, etc.
  • Use the free bathrooms inside the airport before heading into the city.

Firenze Peretola International Airport – Information

Address: via del Termine, 11, Firenze 50127
Phone: +39 055 30615

Florence Airport to City Center FAQ

Is Florence an international airport?

Yes, Florence’s airport serves European and UK (direct flights) and other destinations (with layovers).

Are there any direct flights from the United States to Florence?

No. The only direct flights to and from Florence airport are to and from European and UK destinations.

If I fly into Pisa, which is the best way to get to the center of Florence?

The Pisa International Airport (also known as Galileo Galilei Airport) is about 80 kilometers from Florence. You have multiple options for traveling from the Pisa airport to the city center of Florence, including train, shuttle bus, taxi, and private driver. Read more in How to Travel from the Pisa Airport to Florence.

If I fly into Rome, which is the best way to get to the center of Florence?

The Rome Fiumicino International Airport (also known as Leonardo da Vinci International Airport) is about 340 kilometers from Florence. You can travel from the Rome airport to downtown Florence by train (minimum one change), shuttle bus, taxi, or private driver.

I’m arriving on a late flight.  Will I be able to get to Florence?

Yes, you have a few options.  The tram runs late at night, and you can take a taxi.  You can also hire a private driver, who will meet you on arrival with a sign and take you directly to your hotel.

I have a layover in Florence.  Is it possible to visit the city center for a couple of hours?

Yes, you can head into the city for a quick visit, but make sure to allow enough time to get back to the airport before your flight.  The best transport option is the tram because you won’t need to worry about traffic delaying you on your way back.

Is there a bus from the Florence airport to the Florence city center?

There used to be an airport shuttle bus, but it is no longer operating. The tram is a faster, inexpensive, and reliable way to reach the center.

Can I drive into a Florence ZTL zone with my rental car?

If you drive into an active ZTL zone in Florence with your rental car, you will be fined unless you are staying at a hotel in the zone or parking at a parking garage in the zone. In both cases, make sure the establishments (hotel and garage) will communicate your license plate number to the authorities so you won’t receive a fine. Otherwise, expect a fine from your rental car company or in the mail upon your return home.