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Radda in Chianti with Kids – A Guide from a Mom in Tuscany

Ciao!  Are you planning a family road trip in Chianti and trying to decide if Radda is worth a visit with little ones? 

Perhaps you’re trying to decide on a home base for your trip to Chianti with kids.

Either way – I’ve got you covered.  I’m a mamma of three that lives near Radda in Chianti and I’ve been stopping in (and staying in and around) Radda for over two decades.  I visit with my kids, friends, and family, and I’ve worked as a cycling and hiking guide in the area. 

Radda in Chianti is tiny, and it makes a good stop if you’re out exploring Chianti as a family or making the journey between Florence and Siena by car.  You can also use Radda as a base for exploring Chianti (the other villages are all nearby).

Map for a Visit to Radda in Chianti with Kids

Why We Love Visiting Radda with Kids

Radda in Chianti has a small, walkable pedestrian center, so it’s a relaxing place to walk around with kids.  There is a ZTL (limited traffic zone) for the main road that runs through the village, but some cars (like those of residents) have permission to enter, so always keep an eye out.

Radda has a few kid-friendly restaurants, as well as picnic options, so it’s an easy place to eat with kids.

Radda has a compact, shaded park just outside the village walls (but the attached playground is mostly unshaded).

Radda in Chianti is close to other Chianti towns so you can combine a couple of them in one day if you want to.

Why You May Want to Skip a Family Visit to Radda in Chianti

Some of Radda’s restaurants are on or close to the main road.  If you have kids that take off on you, you may want to choose a restaurant in the village center.

Radda in Chianti is tiny.  While that’s good in some ways, it also means there’s not a ton to see or do with your kids.

Radda’s playground isn’t stellar.

Some roads to and from Radda in Chianti are winding, which can be tough for kids that get carsick.

Things to Do with Kids in Radda

Wander the Pedestrian Center

Stone fountain with gargoyle above the water in Radda in Chianti, Tuscany.

Look at the leather boutiques (the thin, leather bracelets are a hit with my kids) and souvenir shops, find the roosters, admire the art and ceramics of local artisans. 

Stop in the main square to dip your hands in the fountain and wander into the church. 

Make Your Own Picnic

Don’t pick them from the tree! Get cured olives at Casa Porciatti.

Grab supplies at the Coop (just below the village center) or at Casa Porciatti.  A classic picnic from Radda for us includes:

  • schiacchiata (Tuscan-style focaccia)
  • olives
  • pecorino cheese (fresh and aged)
  • prosciutto crudo
  • seasonal fruit
  • water or juice

So simple – and so delicious!

Find Your Favorite Coat of Arms on the Town Hall

Coats of arms on a wall of a building in Radda in Chianti, Italy.

My boys love looking up at all of the coats of arms on the Palazzo del Podesta in the main square.

Play at Radda’s Playground

Wooden toy structures including slide and swings at a playground in Italy. Gravel underneath and trees provide some shade.
Radda’s playground – there are a few more toys in the background

Radda’s playground is in the park just outside the  – kind of fenced, but next to parking area so watch your kids around the cars, Gravel, shade, benches, swings, fountain, mini slide.  More kids toys a little further ahead.  Water fountain at the park. 

Walk on the Medieval Passageway

Underground passageway in Radda in Chianti. Large wine barrel is a table on left, and other wooden tables and chairs line the passageway on the left. A couple dines in the back.
Radda’s medieval passageway

Radda has a small medieval walkway, much like Castellina in Chianti’s or Brisighella’s in Emilia-Romagna.

Walk through for a break from the heat on a summer day, or take a seat and have lunch or a snack at the restaurant/wine bar.

Look for the Black Rooster

Ornamental roosters for sale on the ground outside a shop in Radda in Chianti in Tuscany.
These are just decoys – see if you can find the huge black rooster

You can find the large black rooster statues in all of the main Chianti villages, and Radda is no exception.  Hint:  Radda’s is just outside the village walls – I’ve marked it on the map above.

You can also spot the black rooster on Chianti Classico wine bottle labels, and as souvenirs in Chianti shops.

Are you wondering why Chianti has the black rooster as its ‘mascot?’

Well, the legend is that in medieval times, when Siena and Florence (both marked on the map above) were constantly battling over the border between the two, they finally decided to put an end to the fighting.  Each city would choose a knight on horseback to depart their respective cities at dawn and wherever the two met, the border would be drawn.  With no alarm clocks, they used a rooster to signal the start of the day (and the ride).

The Sienese chose a white rooster and fed it will and took care of it until the day of the ride.  The Florentines chose a black rooster and starved it and kept it in a small, dark coop until the day of the contest.

When the day of the ride arrived, the sneaky Florentines freed their hungry and confused rooster and it began its ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’ immediately, way before dawn.  As that was the signal to ride, the Florentine knight began, much before the Sienese horse and knight, who began when their rooster called out at dawn.

The two met in Fonterutoli, close to Castellina in Chianti (and very close to Siena), which gave Florentines a much larger part of the Chianti region.

And now, you’ll notice the black rooster wherever you go in Chianti Classico!

Where to Eat with Kids in Radda

Enoteca and Wine Bar Casa Porciatti – Yes, it’s a wine bar, but it’s also a restaurant and it’s fun for kids to eat on this ‘underground’ street in Radda.  It’s also cool during the toasty summer days.  Simple yet delicious local dishes.

Casa Porciatti – A perfect shop for purchasing picnic supplies.  You can get ingredients for a panino, or get fancy and have a spread of olives, cheeses, cured meats, and bruschette. 

Pizza Hot – In the pedestrian center, it serves up great pizza (don’t worry, it’s not a knock-off of Pizza Hut) and pastas.

Bar Dante and Pizza Pie – Both casual options for a quick meal or snack, but they’re both on the edge of the road so avoid if you have kids that like to make a run for it (although you’d probably be fine indoors at Pizza Pie).  I like Bar Dante’s meat and cheese platters or bruschetta platters for kids (and adults).

Where to Stay in Radda with Kids

Swimming pool with view of Tuscan countryside.
Relais Vignale has a fenced swimming pool

Relais Vignale – Just outside the village walls, it has a swimming pool (fenced), a dining area with a view, and kids can also play (quietly) in the gravel when they’re done with dinner.

Palazzo Leopoldo – In the center, and better for older kids who don’t need outdoor space for running around.  Palazzo Leopoldo has a few indoor common areas and a nice outdoor terrace.

Radda with Kids Logistics

Narrow pedestrian street of Radda in Chianti with shops on left side and family walking at end of street.
Radda’s smooth pedestrian main street

Water – There’s a water fountain in the little park with the playground.

Diaper Changes – Use the toilet in a restaurant or bar you’re eating at.  There is also a public toilet in the center.

Grocery Store – If you’re looking for picnic supplies, get them at the Casa Porciatti butcher/deli.  You can also go to the Coop grocery store below town.

Strollers – Radda is stroller-friendly (but not completely flat), but it’s so small you don’t really need a stroller.  If you have a toddler who walks, it’s a good place for him/her to get some steps in.

Parking – Check for a spot in the lot near the playground. If it’s full, look for a spot on the ring road around the village. Be careful getting your kids out of the car on the ring road as there are always plenty of cars and cyclists going past.

Things to Do with Kids Near Radda in Chianti

These are all one hour or less (by car) from Radda in Chianti:

Castello di Ama – fun outdoor art for kids to check out and mamma and papà can try the wines

Panzano in Chianti – meet the famous butcher, visit one of the playgrounds. Read my Guide to Panzano with Kids.

Gaiole in Chianti – find the rooster, visit on market day, play at the playground. Read my Guide to Gaiole in Chianti.

Greve in Chianti – find the wild boar teeth, go swimming, play at the new playground. Read more about Greve with Kids.

Castello di Brolio – tour the castle! Read about Visiting Castello di Brolio with Kids.

Chianti Sculpture Park – explore the grounds of this outdoor art park

Big Bench at Castello di Meleto – find the big bench, check out the castle while mamma and papà sample wines

San Casciano Val di Pesa – have fun at one of the area’s best playgrounds, wander the lively village center, catch an outdoor film in the summer

Monteriggioni – walk the town’s walls, visit the armor museum. Read my Guide to Monteriggioni.

Siena – learn about the Palio and find your favorite contrada, climb up the Torre del Mangia, soak up the scene in Piazza del Campo

Badia a Coltibuono – do a honey tasting

Toscana Mia Cooking Class – cook up Tuscan classics with sisters Paola and Simonetta in their countryside home. Read about Our Experience at Toscana Mia’s Cooking Class.            

Picnic at Vertine – have a picnic with a view of Radda, wander in the tiny hamlet

Florence is just over an hour away.  If you’re looking for a city visit, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Florence for little ones.

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I hope you enjoy your time in Radda as a family!

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