How to Skip the Line to See the Statue of David

If you’re coming to Florence (Firenze), you’ve probably got ‘see Michelangelo’s statue of David’ high on your list of things to do. 

After the Uffizi Galleries, a visit to the Accademia Gallery (Galleria dell’Accademia in Italian) to see the statue of David is the second most popular attraction in Florence.  It’s also a great museum to visit with kids. Which means… there are a lot of people in line every day to see it.  You’ve probably heard people talking about how to skip the line to see the statue of David.  Unfortunately, you can’t skip the line – no one can.  But, you can skip the loooooong line of people without reservations by planning ahead.

Don’t sacrifice your precious time and sweat waiting in line with everyone else… read on to learn how to get in to see the David as quickly as possible.

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How to Buy Skip the Line Tickets to See the Statue of David

Again, you can’t actually skip the line.  The best you can do is skip the long and slow line of people waiting without reservations.  With a reservation in hand (printed or on your phone), you can join the short (and fast) line to pick up your official printed tickets.  You’ll then join a short line to enter the museum during your designated time slot (15-minute increments).  There are no ways to avoid these two lines, no matter what anyone else tells you.

people waiting in line to enter the accademia in florence
Why don’t these people look happy? Because they didn’t reserve their Accademia tickets ahead of time.

You’ll need to get on the computer and buy the tickets as soon as you know you’ll be coming to Florence.  Why?  Because the museum is popular and the number of visitors allowed inside at one time is limited (250), even more so following the pandemic. 

Museum Opening Hours and Days

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday.  The museum in CLOSED on Monday.

Hours are 9:00 to 18:45.  The last admission time is 18:15.

The museum is closed on December 25th and January 1st

Reservations are required on Saturday and Sunday.

The museum is not currently offering free entrance on the first Sunday of the month. 

Ticket and Reservation Costs

Regular/Full Ticket – 12€

-18 and older, non-EU citizens
-26 and older, EU citizens

Reduced Ticket – 2€

-18-25 EU citizens
-EU public teachers

Free Ticket

-17 and under
-people with a certified disability, with one accompanying person


Reservations cost an additional 4€ per person.

Reservations must be booked for all visitors age 6 and older.  For example, if you are family of 5, all US citizens, you will pay the following for your Accademia Gallery tickets with reservations:

65 year old – 12€ + 4€ reservation
40 year old teacher in US – 12€ + 4€ reservation
18 year old – 12€ + 4€ reservation
12 year old – 4€ reservation
1 year old – FREE

Tickets (and reservation fees) are NON-REFUNDABLE and you CANNOT CHANGE THE DATE.  Before purchasing, make sure you have your dates right!

If you purchase from a third-party seller, the prices will be more than the prices above.

Purchasing Your Tickets

There are two ways to skip the long no-reservations line and since they only cost 4€ more per ticket than waiting in the long ‘no reservation’ line – they’re worth it!

Option #1: Buy Tickets from the Official Accademia Ticket Seller – B-Ticket

Open your browser and go to the b-ticket site. If the Galleria Accademia isn’t selected, choose it from the list of museums in the drop-down-box:

screenshot of b-tickets website shows dates available for Galleria Accademia tickets

If your desired date is in the near future, you can scroll down to find it and click on the ‘Tickets’ button to the right of it. If your date is further in the future, filter by date:

screenshot of b-tickets website showing Galleria Accademia dates

Remember that dates in Italy are formatted DAY/MONTH/YEAR, so December 7th, 2022 is written 07.12.2022.

Next, you’ll choose the 15-minute time slot you’d like and the type(s) of ticket(s). There may be some time slots that are already sold out:

screenshot of btickets website showing different ticket price levels

When you’re finished choosing your tickets, scroll to the bottom and click the ‘Into the shopping cart’ button:

screenshot showing how to click to add tickets to your shopping cart

Double-check the details in your shopping cart – date, time, number and types of tickets and click ‘Continue’:

screenshot of btickets shopping cart

You’ll then need to login as a returning customer or register as a new customer:

screenshot of btickets login or register page

If you’re a new customer, complete the registration form:

screenshot of btickets new customer registration page

Choose the payment type:

screenshot of btickets payment page

Enter your payment details:

screenshot of btickets credit card details page

You’ll receive an email with your order details. The most important number is the order number, which you’ll need to collect your paper ticket at the Accademia Gallery ticket office:

email with accademia gallery ticket confirmation from btickets

On the day of your scheduled visit, walk to the entrance at via Ricasoli, 58/60. 

When you get there, look across the street to the left at via Ricasoli, 105r and enter (or join the short line) at the ticket office.  The attendant will ask for your reservation number (on your phone, printed out, or given vocally) and print your tickets for you. 

google map of distance between accademia gallery and its ticket shop

With your tickets, you can walk across the street and join the line at the priority entrance for your entrance slot (a 15-minute period printed on your ticket).  You’ll enter the museum with a small group of visitors who have reserved that time slot.

Option #2: Buy Tickets in Combination With a Guided Tour

This option is fine if you would like a guide to take you through the Gallery.

If you decide to visit on a guided tour, make sure you confirm that the guide or company will also be purchasing your tickets and reservation.  Many times they will, but I know some guides who have their clients purchase the tickets on their own. 

Be cautious about purchasing tickets from non-official websites ( is the official ticket seller) or on the streets from resellers.  Because it can be difficult to tell which ones are legit, use resellers that your hotel works with or that a guide recommends.   I highly recommend using the official b-ticket website, but know others who use Florence Tickets, Tiqets, and Tickitaly when there are no tickets available on the official site.

Enjoy visiting the Accademia Gallery and feasting your eyes on Michelangelo’s masterpiece, his statue of David!

Michelangelo's David statue in the Accademia Gallery with the ceiling above

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