Front entrance of Pisa airport on a cloudy day.

How to Get From the Pisa Airport to Florence – Find the Best Option for You!

Are you flying into Pisa and trying to figure out how you’ll get to your final destination in Florence

Don’t worry, you’ve got a few options, and I’ll go through them below.  I have made the trip from the Pisa Airport to Florence many times – as a solo traveler, and with clients, friends, and my family (which includes three small children). 

Pisa Airport (airport code PSA, also known as Galileo Galilei Airport), is our main airport here in Tuscany (and it’s consistently one of the top 10-15 busiest airports in Italy).  We also have the Florence Peretola (FLR) International Airport, but Pisa gets the bulk of flights into Tuscany.

The Pisa Airport is small and manageable, it often has excellent fares, it’s a convenient way to reach Tuscany, and it’s popular for internal Europe flights and from further abroad like the USA. 

Important for 2023:  There’s construction going on for the new departures and arrivals areas at the Pisa airport (you’ll see the work going on in front of the arrivals area), but you can still find the transport in the same places. 

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The Best Ways to Travel from Pisa Airport to Florence

FASTESTTrain (or bus if no traffic)
CHEAPESTTrain or bus
BEST FOR FAMILIESBus, rental car, private driver, or taxi
BEST WITH A LOT OF LUGGAGEPrivate driver or taxi
Signs inside the Pisa airport directing people to transport, arrivals gates, and more.
Transport options are well-marked inside the airport

Transport Options from Pisa Airport to Florence (2023)

Bus1 hr 15 min (if no traffic)€13.90Early am through late pm; see Trenitalia
Pisa Mover + Train1hr 15min to 1 hr 30 min€13.90Early am through late pm; see PisaMover
Rental Car1 hr 15 min (if no traffic) + time to pick up rental carvariesMost 8:00-23:00, check individual companies
Private Driver1 hr 15 min (if no traffic)varies24 hours; reserve
Taxi1 hr 15 min (if no traffic)€200+24 hours; call +39 050.541600 if needed

What We Do:  If we aren’t using our own car, we take the bus. 

Traffic While Traveling from the Pisa Airport

I’ve mentioned above that travel times can vary depending on traffic.  While I can’t predict all traffic jams, there are a few times you should know about for both Pisa and Florence:

  • Commuter hours are busier (7:00-9:00 in the morning and 17:00-19:00 in the evening).
  • During the school year (mid-September through mid-June), you’ll also see heavy traffic when school gets out around 16:00.
  • The two main routes from Pisa Airport to Florence are via the FI-PI-LI (Firenze-Pisa-Livorno) superstrada and the A11 Autostrada.  Both of these tend to have heavy traffic heading eastbound (Pisa-Florence) on Sunday evenings in the summer (when everyone is leaving the beach to go home for the work week).

Let’s take a look at your options for traveling from the Pisa airport to Florence:

Map of Pisa Airport Transportation Options

Map of Pisa airport with labels showing where to get forms of transport to Florence.

Taking the Bus from Pisa Airport to Florence

While you do have to worry about traffic, I like the bus option because it’s ‘door to door’ – you get on the bus directly in front of the airport and you get dropped off in the Florence center at the SMN (Santa Maria Novella) train station. 

It takes about 1 hr 15 minutes with no traffic.  You can see up-to-date info on schedules and rates on the Caronna website.

The current bus company is Caronna (also called Sky Bus Lines Caronna) and you can buy your tickets online through their site or at the company’s ticket counter in the arrivals hall (you’ll see it ahead of you as you exit the baggage area).

Once you have your bus ticket, just walk out the door toward the taxi area and you’ll see the Caronna bus.  Put your large luggage in the storage underneath the bus and enjoy the ride!

Good To Know:  The bus schedule changes throughout the year, and it’s updated on the website.

Helpful Tip:  I recommend waiting and buying your tickets at the ticket counter.  If you purchase your bus tickets online, you have to choose your time, and if your plane runs late, you’ll be stressed.  If the bus happens to sell out (it rarely happens), you can always take the PisaMover + train (or wait for the next bus).

Taking the Pisa Mover + Train from Pisa Airport to Florence

Sign at entrance of PisaMover shuttle at Pisa airport.
Entrance to the PisaMover that you’ll see walking from the terminal

This is a popular option because you don’t have to worry about traffic jams!  Still, be aware that Italian trains can be late and there are occasional strikes.  Also, unless you purchase online on the Trenitalia site, you must buy tickets twice (PisaMover and train to Florence), which can be a pain if you have a large group or kids with you.

The travel is a little more complicated than the bus – you walk 2 minutes to the PisaMover, take it to the Pisa Centrale train station, and then get on the train to Florence SMN (Santa Maria Novella) train station. 

Blue ticket machine for the PisaMover at the Pisa airport. You can see the scrren and the credit card slot and keypad.
TIcket machines for the PisaMover are in English too

Helpful Tip:  Check the schedule directly on the Trenitalia website.  Don’t rely on 3rd party info because schedules change!

Good To Know:  You don’t need to validate your PisaMover ticket (it’s valid until midnight the day you purchase it), but you do need to validate your Pisa to Florence train ticket if it’s a paper ticket.  Just insert it into the machine at the track before you board the train (or risk receiving a hefty fine).

Good To Know:  The PisaMover also goes by the name People Mover.

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Driving a Rental Car from Pisa Airport to Florence

If you’re planning on staying in Florence city center, you don’t need to rent a car in Pisa.  It’s not fun to drive in downtown Florence (the historic center), because you have to worry about traffic, ZTLs, parking, scooters, etc. 

If you want to rent a car for exploring Tuscany, but you’re spending time in Florence first, make your way from the Pisa Airport to Florence by other means (bus, PisaMover + train, taxi, etc) and once you’ve finished seeing Florence, rent a car in Florence and be on your way. 

If you’re just spending a night in Florence (and then heading to Tuscany), you can park at your accommodation (ask about the ZTL) or in a paid lot outside the historic center.  Then, in the morning, you’re off!

To get to the rental car offices and lot, you can either take the shuttle or walk.  Read the details in our Guide to Renting a Car in Pisa – Basics & Helpful Tips.

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Riding with a Private Driver from Pisa Airport to Florence

Another option, is to get a ride with an NCC – noleggio con conducente, a private driver.

Private drivers are more expensive, but they can be a very convenient if you’re arriving late at night or you are traveling with kids (some private drivers will provide car seats if you request them).

As an alternative, you can book a private shuttle with a service like Welcome Pickups.

To reach the NCC area at the Pisa Airport, just exit the main doors in front of you and look for the NCC sign next to the taxi stand.

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Taking a Taxi from Pisa Airport to Florence

It’s easy to take a taxi from the Pisa Airport to the Florence city center, but it’s pricey (like using a private driver).  As you exit the arrivals hall, you’ll see the taxi stand in front of you.  Look for the big orange sign:

Close up of taxi sign at Pisa airport.

There may be a line (if there is, it’s usually not long).

Taxis from the Pisa Airport to Florence cost from €200, but the exact cost will be calculated using the meter, plus the cost of tolls (if you go on the Autostrada) and a 10% tax because the route is over 50 kilometers.  There are also supplements for luggage, nights, holidays, and having more than three passengers.

Good To Know:  You can reach CoTaPi (Pisa Taxi Cooperative) at +39 050.541600 or on the official CoTaPi website.

Your taxi driver can take you directly to your hotel in Florence. 

Traveling from the Pisa Airport to Florence with Kids

  • If you’ll be spending time in Florence, the easiest transport option is a private driver, taxi, or shuttle service like Welcome Pickups (good because you can request a car seat).   
  • If you prefer taking public transport (much cheaper!), I think the best option with kids is the bus because you can get on just outside the airport terminal doors and you get dropped off in the city center of Florence (and from there you can walk or taxi to your hotel). 
  • If you’ll just be spending the night in Florence (and heading into the Tuscan countryside after), you can rent a car in Pisa and park it in Florence overnight.  The advantage of this is you can have your own car seats (or rent them) and it’s a more flexible way to travel.  Just make sure you plan your route, where you’ll park and that you avoid the ZTLs (limited traffic zones).
  • Remember that car seats are required in private or rental vehicles in Italy, but not on buses or in taxis or private shuttles.  Sometimes a private driver will have one, but you need to request it. 
  • If you or your kids are getting hangry after your flight, you can pick up snacks or a meal at the cafés and restaurants inside the airport terminal. 
  • Toilets in the Pisa airport have diaper changing tables.
  • There’s a pharmacy inside the Pisa airport if you need any baby supplies or baby products like diapers or baby wipes.

Pisa Airport to Florence Tips

Entrance to pharmacy inside the Pisa airport.
  • If your flight arrives late at night, your transport options may be limited.  For example, if you need to rent a car at the Pisa airport for your trip to the Tuscan countryside and your flight lands at midnight, you’ll find the Pisa car rental offices closed.
  • If you need to get food for your journey, you can stop at a café at the Pisa airport, at the train station, or wait until you get to Florence.  Pisa and Florence are both major cities, and you’ll find places to eat (restaurants and grocery stores) open throughout the day.
  • Other Pisa airport facilities include a pharmacy, boutiques, a news shop, currency exchange, and a bookshop.  In the arrivals area, you’ll find a first aid station and luggage help.
  • Use the toilet in the airport terminal (free), at the Pisa train station or Florence train station (paid), or on the train (free).
  • If you’re taking the train, you can stop in Pisa to see the Leaning Tower.  You can leave luggage at Pisa Centrale station at the deposito bagali / left luggage and walk the 20-25 minutes to the tower.  If you want to climb up, make a reservation!
  • If you need to charge your phone, the Pisa airport has seats in the terminal with USB and electrical outlets so you can top up if you need to.

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Pisa Airport to Florence FAQ

What is Pisa airport’s code? 

Pisa International Airport (Galileo Galilei Airport) has the IATA code PSA.

Is the Pisa Centrale station close to the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is about a 20-25 minute walk from the Pisa Centrale train station.  You could also take a 10-minute taxi or a 15-minute bus ride.

Is Uber available at the Pisa Airpor?

Uber doesn’t operate in Pisa, and in Florence, it calls NCC drivers (private drivers).

Which is better to fly into for a Florence visit, the Pisa airport or the Florence airport?

If you’re visiting Florence, the Pisa Airport often has better flight routes than the Florence Airport because flights can arrive from outside of Europe (our airport in FLR doesn’t have a runway suitable for large planes, so trans-Atlantic flights must land somewhere else in Europe first).   But, it’s certainly easier to reach the Florence city center from the Florence airport than from the Pisa airport.