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2023 Michelin Star Restaurants in Tuscany + Tips and Map

Last updated on October 14th, 2023

Are you looking for a Michelin star restaurant for your time in Tuscany?  True, you can eat well without a Michelin star, but there are some incredible fine-dining experiences waiting for you in Tuscan cities and the countryside.

In 2023, there are 41* Michelin star restaurants in Tuscany, a part of the 385 Michelin star restaurants in Italy.  There was quite a bit of movement this year in Tuscany, with 5 restaurants losing their spot, and 5 restaurants that gained a Michelin star.

In 2023, the Michelin guide has awarded to Tuscany:

  • 3 stars – 1 restaurant
  • 2 stars – 5 restaurants
  • 1 star – 35 restaurants

*Michelin’s November 2023 announcement was that there are now 42 restaurants, but there are only 41 listed.

Fun Fact:  Tuscany has 6% of Italy’s population and 11% of the country’s Michelin-starred restaurants. 

Italy has incredible ingredients to work with and the menus of these Tuscan Michelin star chefs can be classified as one or more of the following:

  • Contemporary
  • Creative
  • Mediterranean
  • Modern
  • Seafood
  • Tuscan

Below you’ll find a table and list of Tuscany’s Michelin star restaurants, as well as a map of where they are.  And finally, a few important tips on booking your visit and dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Tuscany.

I had the opportunity to dine at many of Italy’s Michelin-starred restaurants while working as a cycling and hiking guide, and my husband and I love experiencing new restaurants.  I’ve starred my favorites in the list (using an asterisk *), but I haven’t been to all of them, so I’m sure there are some other gems.  Let me know! 

I hope you find a favorite or two during your time here in Tuscany!

Good To Know: Keep in mind that while the Michelin Guide is ‘released’ each year (usually in November), restaurants can gain or lose stars during the year.

2023 Michelin-Starred Restaurants In Tuscany

Dining room at Gucci Osteria in Florence, Italy.  Yellow floors with painted leaves and ribbons.  Green walls and mirrors.  Round tables with white tablecloths and black chairs.  There is one couple dining.
Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura (Florence)
RestaurantMichelin StarsLocationFood StyleNew/Returning
Il Falconiere1San MartinoTuscanReturning
Ristorante Castello di Fighine1San Casciano dei BagniContemporaryReturning
Il Silene1SeggianoTuscanReturning
L’Asinello1Castelnuovo BerardengaModern CuisineReturning
La Bottega del 301Castelnuovo BerardengaTuscanReturning
Poggio Rosso1Castelnuovo BerardengaCreativeReturning
Sala dei Grappoli1Poggio alle MuraModern CuisineReturning
Il Pievano1Gaiole in ChiantiModern CuisineReturning
Caino2MontemeranoModern CuisineReturning
Osteria di Passignano1PassignanoModern CuisineReturning
Arnolfo2Colle di Val d’ElsaCreativeReturning
La Torre1Tavarnelle Val di PesaCreative, ContemporaryReturning
Linfa1San GimignanoCreativeReturning
Campo del Drago1MontalcinoContemporaryNew
Enoteca Pinchiorri3FlorenceModern CuisineReturning
Chic Nonna di Vito Mollica1FlorenceContemporaryNew
Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura1FlorenceModern CuisineReturning
Il Palagio1FlorenceModern CuisineReturning
Borgo San Jacopo1FlorenceModern Cuisine, ContemporaryReturning
Santa Elisabetta2FlorenceCreative, Mediterranean CuisineReturning
La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini1BadiolaMediterranean CuisineReturning
Gabbiano 3.01Marina di GrossetoCreativeReturning
Il Pellicano1Porto ErcoleCreativeReturning
Virtuoso Gourmet – Tenuta Le Tre Virtù1San Piero a SieveTuscan, Regional CuisineReturning
Atman a Villa Rospigliosi1LamporecchioCreativeReturning
Cannavacciuolo Vineyard1Casanova di TerricciolaContemporaryNew
La Pineta1Marina di BibbonaSeafoodReturning
Giglio1LuccaModern CuisineReturning
Butterfly1MarliaModern CuisineReturning
Lunasia1ViareggioModern CuisineReturning
Il Piccolo Principe2ViareggioCreativeReturning
Franco Mare1Marina di PietrasantaSeafoodReturning
Lux Lucis1Forte dei MarmiCreativeReturning
Lorenzo1Forte dei MarmiSeafoodReturning
Bistrot1Forte dei MarmiSeafoodReturning
Il Parco di Villa Grey1Forte dei MarmiModern CuisineReturning

Good To Know: Both Poggio Rosso and Virtuoso Gourmet – Tenuta Le Tre Virtù have been awarded the Green Star, given to restaurants that demonstrate a commitment to a sustainable approach to gastronomy.

Map of 2023 Michelin Star Restaurants In Tuscany

List Of Tuscany’s 2023 Michelin-Starred Restaurants

Table at Linfa Restaurant in San Gimignano, Italy. It's one of Tuscany's Michelin star restaurants. You can see two glasses of white wine on the wooden table.  The walls are painted blue and yellow and there is colorful art on the walls.  There is no one in the dining room.

Il Falconiere*

Part of the hotel of the same name, it’s in a beautiful building and setting in olive groves and vineyards near Cortona.  Worth a visit for a lunch or dinner.  It feels like you’re eating with your friendly neighbors (who have incredible culinary skills).  If you’re staying in or near Cortona, it’s worth a visit.  I’d recommend sitting outside because a special part of the experience is the setting.

Loc. San Martino a Bocena, 370
52044 Cortona
+39 0575 612679

Helpful Tip: After dinner, go for a stroll in Cortona and get a gelato!

Ristorante Castello di Fighine

Borgo di Fighine
53040 San Casciano dei Bagni
+39 0578 561158


Octavin is a unique restaurant that works hard to avoid waste.  The kitchen ferments scraps and parts of ingredients that often get thrown away. 

The chef is innovative and if you’re looking for something unique, you’ll appreciate a meal at Octavin.

Scalinata Camillo Berneri, 2
52100 Arezzo
+39 0575 343521

Il Silene

Località Pescina, 9
58038 Seggiano
+39 0564 950805


Via Nuova, 6 – Località Villa a Sesta
53019 Castelnuovo Berardenga
+39 0577 359279

La Bottega del 30*

A cozy restaurant in the tiny hamlet of Villa a Sesta.  Try to be there for sunset, or during the grape harvest when the vineyards in the area are bustling with energy and/or changing colors.  It’s hard to believe that this little place has another Michelin-star restaurant (L’Asinello) AND there’s another one nearby in San Felice (Poggio Rosso).  Stay nearby and visit all three!

Via Santa Caterina, 2 – Località Villa a Sesta
53019 Castelnuovo Berardenga
+39 0577 359226

Poggio Rosso*

Located in the Borgo San Felice, a hotel in a charming small borgo (neighborhood).  Arrive early and try wines on the property.

Località San Felice
53019 Castelnuovo Berardenga
+39 0577 3964

Sala dei Grappoli

Located on the Castello di Banfi property.  Dine in the restaurant and sip on the property’s famous Brunello di Montalcino.

53024 Poggio alle Mura
+39 0577 877700

Il Pievano

Outdoor seating area of Il Pievano restaurant at Castello di Spaltenna. It's day time, so the tables aren't set.

The restaurant of Castello di Spaltenna, just outside of Gaiole in Chianti.  Have aperitivo in Gaiole before dining at Il Pievano.

Località Spaltenna, 13
53013 Gaiole in Chianti
+39 0577 749483


Front entrance to Caino restaurant. Large glass doors framed in wood. Wood pile on left. Stone floor outside entrance.

Via della Chiesa, 4
58050 Montemerano
+39 0564 602817

Read more about Visiting the Delightful, Medieval Montemerano.

Osteria di Passignano*

If you can, drive out to see the Badia a Passignano and soak up the views of the countryside. You’ll see people walking up the road, and if you have comfy shoes on, it’s worth joining them to see the Badia from above.

Via Passignano, 33
50028 Passignano
+39 055 8071278


Via XX Settembre, 50/52
53034 Colle di Val d’Elsa
+39 0577 920549

La Torre*

Curtained entrance to restaurant La Torre in Tavarnelle in Tuscany, Italy. Red Michelin 2023 sign on left.

Strada Spicciano, 7
50028 Tavarnelle Val di Pesa
+39 055 806470


Table with small white plates of food set out and waiter pouring glasses of white wine.

Piazza Sant’Agostino
53037 San Gimignano
+39 0577 891151

Campo del Drago

Loc. Castiglion del Bosco
+39 0577 1913135

With a spring 2023 opening date, the Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco hotel looks to dazzle guests with contemporary dishes using Tuscan ingredients, including those from the hotel’s organic garden.


Piazza della Vittoria, 13
52100 Capolona
+39 0575 420989

Enoteca Pinchiorri*

It’s cliché to say that dining and so-and-so restaurant is an ‘experience,’ but at Enoteca Pinchiorri, it truly is. 

Inside you’ll find a mix of tourists and locals.  The staff makes sure everyone has an incredible meal.  If you can, take a peek at the wine cellar.

Via Ghibellina, 87
50122 Florence
+39 055 242777

Chic Nonna di Vito Mollica

Set near the Duomo inside the Palazzo Portinari, Chic Nonna serves contemporary Italian cuisine with a focus on seafood.

Via del Corso, 6
50122 Florence
+39 055 5353555

Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura*

Dining room at Gucci Osteria in Florence, Italy. Green walls, big window with view of Piazza della Signoria. Tables set for lunchtime diners.

This is a perfect stop for a meal in a Gucci setting.  If you want to experience a Michelin-starred restaurant during your trip but don’t want a long meal, visit Gucci Osteria for lunch.  It’s in the center of Florence so you can arrive by foot and get back to exploring town after a delicious and unique pranzo.

Piazza della Signoria, 10
50122 Florence
+39 055 7592 7038

Still hungry? Check out where to find the Best Gelato in Florence!

Il Palagio

Star restaurant of the elegant Four Seasons Hotel.

Borgo Pinti, 99
50121 Florence
+39 055 2626450

Good To Know: Il Palagio is a lovely place to have a Christmas tea or meal if you’re in Florence in December.

Borgo San Jacopo

Borgo San Jacopo, 62r
50125 Florence
+39 055 281661

Santa Elisabetta

Piazza Santa Elisabetta, 3
50122 Florence
+39 055 27370

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Via di Perolla, 2
58020 Ghirlanda
+39 0566 902318


Via Frà Bartolomeo, 13
59100 Prato
+39 0574 182022

La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini

Località la Badiola
58043 Badiola
+39 0564 944322

Gabbiano 3.0

Porto Turistico, 11
58100 Marina di Grosseto
+39 0564 337812

Il Pellicano

Restaurant of the iconic, luxe seaside Hotel Il Pellicano.

Località Lo Sbarcatello
58018 Porto Ercole
+39 0564 858111

Virtuoso Gourmet – Tenuta Le Tre Virtù

Località Lucigliano, 13
50037 San Piero a Sieve
+39 055 0763619

Atman a Villa Rospigliosi

Via Borghetto, 1 – Località Spicchio
51035 Lamporecchio
+39 0573 803432

Cannavacciuolo Vineyard

Via del Teatro, 8
56030 Casanova di Terricciola
+39 0587 346782

La Pineta

Via dei Cavalleggeri Nord, 27
57020 Marina di Bibbona
+39 0586 600016


Piazza del Giglio, 2
55100 Lucca
+39 0583 494058

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Strada Statale 12 del Brennero, 192
55014 Marlia
+39 0583 307573


Via Mazzini, 120
55049 Viareggio
+39 0584 31382


Piazza d’Azeglio, 1
55049 Viareggio
+39 0584 44449

Il Piccolo Principe

Piazza Giacomo Puccini, 1
55049 Viareggio
+39 0584 4011

Franco Mare

Via Lungomare Roma, 41
55044 Marina di Pietrasanta
+39 0584 20187

Lux Lucis

Try to sit near the kitchen and watch the chef at work in the open-view space.  Minimalist and modern setting at the seaside.

Viale Morin, 67
55042 Forte dei Marmi
+39 0584 783636


Via Carducci, 61
55042 Forte dei Marmi
+39 0584 874030


Viale Franceschi, 14
55042 Forte dei Marmi
+39 0584 89879

Il Parco di Villa Grey

Viale Italico, 84
55042 Forte dei Marmi
+39 0584 787496

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New Michelin Star Restaurants In Tuscany In 2023

  • Chic Nonna di Vito Mollica – Florence
  • Campo del Drago – Montalcino
  • Cannavacciuolo Vineyard – Casanova di Terricciola
  • Terramira – Capolona
  • Paca – Prato

Tuscan Restaurants That Lost Their Michelin Star in 2023

  • I Salotti – Chiusi
  • Osteria Perillà – Castiglione d’Orcia
  • Meo Modo – Chiusdino
  • La Magnolia – Forte dei Marmi
  • La Leggenda dei Frati – Florence

How To Book A Michelin-Star Restaurant In Tuscany

Book In Advance

It’s always best to book ahead.  Many of Tuscany’s Michelin-star restaurants are small and don’t have many tables. 

Book By Phone, Email, or Through the Website

If you can, call before you arrive in Italy, or send an email.  Don’t be nervous about calling – the restaurant will have someone that speaks English.  But, if you feel more comfortable, send an email and you’ll have everything in writing. 

Some are also moving toward automated bookings – you book through the website and leave your credit card in case of a no-show.

Eating At A Michelin Star Restaurant In Tuscany

Dress Code at Tuscan Michelin-Starred Restaurants

You may be worrying about the dress code, especially if you’re traveling and are trying to pack lightly. 

Some Tuscan restaurants have specific dress codes that include requirements (no shorts or short sleeves) or recommendations (jacket appreciated).  Others have more relaxed recommendations – like ‘please dress in a way that respects the setting of the restaurant.’ 

If I don’t see any mention of a dress code on the website, I like to call and ask. 

Bringing Children to Michelin-Star Restaurants in Tuscany

Children are welcome at many Michelin-star restaurants in Tuscany (and Italy) according to the restaurants’ websites, but to be honest, most aren’t fans of having kids.  If your kids are quiet and know how to behave in an elegant restaurant – great!  You’ll have a wonderful time.  But hey, we all know that sitting still for so long can be tough for little ones.  If you think your kids can enjoy the (sometimes long!) experience, go for it!  Know that most do not have highchairs or changing tables. 

Our Experience:  We haven’t ever brought our kids to a Michelin star restaurant in Tuscany.  We leave them at home so that we can focus on enjoying the meal and so we don’t interrupt the experience for other diners.

Italy Michelin-Starred Restaurants Cancellation Policy

A new policy for many Michelin star (and other) restaurants in Italy is to require a credit card for the booking.  If the booking is canceled last-minute, a significant cancellation fee is charged.  If you need to change the date of your booking, it will usually be regarded as a cancellation.  So, make sure you book only if you’re serious about going! 

Dietary Restrictions

Because the Michelin-starred restaurants may offer only tasting menus, you’ll want to call or email ahead and advise them of any dietary restrictions you have.  Usually they’ll ask at the booking, but if not, contact them. 

I have forgotten to inform them of gluten intolerance and have been fine, but lesser-known allergies and intolerances may prove more difficult. 

If you’re dreaming of Tuscany but can’t make it here yet, try cooking Tuscan dishes on your own! Check out the Best Tuscan Cookbooks To Gift (According To A Mom In Tuscany).