Turquoise hot springs with a river and forest in the background. Sunny day with fluffy white clouds. People soaking in hot springs.

Petriolo Hot Springs in Tuscany – Are They Worth a Visit?

Are you trying to decide if you should visit the Petriolo hot springs (aka Bagni di Petriolo) while you’re driving around Tuscany?

Maybe you’ve just visited Saturnia’s hot springs and want to more hot, sulphurous water in your life.

Petriolo has one of Tuscany’s warmest hot springs (water flows at 40-43° C, compared to Saturnia’s 37.5°C water temperature).

It’s small pools are layered and you can combine your soak with dip in the river’s cold water.

I recently visited the Petriolo hot springs on a Tuscany road trip with my husband and we were happy to stop for a quick visit on our way to Saturnia.

Fun Fact:  While you’re soaking in the Petriolo hot springs, you can look up and see Roman walls – these hot springs were fortified during Roman times.

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Where are the Petriolo Hot Springs?

Lower pool at Petriolo hot springs with river in background in Tuscany, Italy.

The Petriolo hot springs are off-the-beaten-path for most visitors to Italy.  They’re located in Southern Tuscany, about half-way between Siena and Grosseto on the SS223. 

Distances from Petriolo:

  • Florence – 105 km
  • Siena – 35 km
  • Rome – 220 km
  • Montalcino – 45 km
  • Montepulciano – 75 km
  • Pisa – 155 km

Are The Petriolo Hot Springs Worth a Visit?

Pipes bring thermal water into the Petriolo hot springs in Tuscany, Italy.
The pipes at Petriolo can be an eyesore

Are Petriolo’s hot springs worth a visit? Yes and No.

YES, if:

  • You happen to be driving by.  But don’t drive out of your way.  There are other hot springs that are more worthy, and the parking can be a huge pain. 
  • You love hot (vs warm) springs. Petriolo’s hot springs are some of the warmest ones in Tuscany.
  • You want to alternate hot and cold soaks.  At Petriolo, you can soak in the hot springs and then walk down and sit in the chilly river.    

NO, if:

  • You’re looking for a luxurious, photogenic hot springs experience.  Petriolo’s hot springs are not fancy – you can see the pipes, there can be construction equipment and neon tape or fencing set up – you’ll need to plan your ‘perfect photo’ versus just snapping away.
  • You need easy access to bathrooms, restaurants, and parking.  There aren’t many services available in Petriolo. 
  • The smell of sulphur bothers you.  I think these are some of Tuscany’s smelliest hot springs.
  • You’re planning on visiting on a weekend in the summer.  The Petriolo hot springs are small and get to be very crowded on weekends in the summer (peak season for the springs).
  • This would be your one hot springs experience in Tuscany. There are other more memorable hot springs in Tuscany.

How to Get to the Petriolo Hot Springs

Have you decided to visit Petriolo?  Here are the best ways to get there:

Getting to Petriolo Hot Springs by Car

The easiest way to reach the Bagni di Petriolo is with your own car.  Unless you’re already in the vicinity, you’ll end up on the superstrada (SS223 / E78).  You’ll exit the superstrada and in about 2km, you’re at the hot springs. 

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Cycling to Petriolo Hot Springs

You must love hills to bike here, but if you do, it’s an excellent place for (road) riding.  The small roads are quiet and the views are gorgeous.  You could visit as part of a multi-day trip in southern Tuscany or even as a day trip from nearby places like Siena or the Val d’Orcia.

Helpful Tip:  Make sure you have plenty of spare tires and equipment with you – there aren’t many bicycle shops in the area so you need to be self-sufficient.

Helpful Tip:  Have a bike lock with you and make sure you can see your bicycle(s) while you’re soaking. 

Getting to Petriolo Hot Springs with a Private Driver

Don’t feel like driving in Italy but want to do a ‘giro dei bagni’ – hot springs tour?  Hire a private driver (NCC – noleggio con conducente) and make your way to Tuscany’s best hot springs. LINK

Good To Know:  You can’t reach Petriolo’s hot springs by train.

Parking at the Petriolo Hot Springs

The road in front of Petriolo hot springs.  You can see cars parked on both sides, the Roman walls, and the yellow food truck.
Parking at Petriolo hot springs (on the left, and parallel parking on the right). Yellow food truck on the right. Walk down the short dirt trail to the hot springs just past the Roman wall ruins on the left.

Parking in Petriolo is quite tricky.  There aren’t many spaces, and RVs tend to take up many of them.  The road also narrows before and after the springs, so you can’t just park anywhere along the road.

Helpful Tip:  Make sure you park in the designated spots, and if you park parallel along the road, stay within the lines.  The local police give fines. 

Don’t leave valuables in your car.  There are surveillance cameras in the parking area but theft still happens, including from cars parked along the side of the road.

Helpful Tip:  Look carefully as you pull into the main parking area – in some places, there is a small drop off and you’ll dent the front of your car if you try to park there.

Alternatives to the Petriolo Hot Springs

Bagni San Filippo hot springs in Southern Tuscany, Italy
Bagni San Filippo

Things to Do Near the Petriolo Hot Springs

Boy looking out over the Val d'Orcia from a wall in Pienza, Italy.
Looking out at the Val d’Orcia from Pienza
  • Taste wines in Montalcino
  • Hike on Monte Amiata, southern Tuscany’s highest mountain
  • Visit an abbey – both the Abbazia di Sant’Antimo and Monte Oliveto Maggiore are nearby
  • Explore the Val d’Orcia and its charming villages like Pienza, San Quirico d’Orcia, and Bagno Vignoni)
  • Visit Siena
  • Find the Sword in the Stone at San Galgano

Tips for Visiting the Petriolo Hot Springs

  • Bring your own water.  There is a small food truck on the road next to the hot springs, but if you want to bring your own water supply, you can pick it up at a grocery store on the way.  There’s a small Coop grocery store in nearby Monticiano.
  • Don’t visit on a summer weekend.  The Petriolo hot springs are small, and the summer weekend crowds will fill the pools up.  It’s better to visit during a weekday or outside of the summer season.
  • Don’t leave valuables inside your car.  Break-ins happen at Petriolo’s hot springs.
  • Hungry?  Order a schiacciata at La Locanda di Petriolo’s Bistrot.  You can sit indoors or at an outdoor shaded table.  Or, if you want to eat at the springs, you can buy a panino from the small yellow food truck on the road next to the springs. 
  • Change into your bathing suit before you arrive.  You won’t want to change in your car at Petriolo because there’s no privacy – the parking is all on the street and there are always people walking by.  It’s easier to change in your hotel or change in your car before you get to the hot springs.

Petriolo Hot Springs with Kids

Again, I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit Petriolo with kids, but it can make for a pleasant quick stop if you’re in the area outside the springs’ peak season (summer, especially weekends).  Helpful things to know for a visit with kids:

  • You need to walk down a dirt path to get to the hot springs.  It’s not stroller-friendly, so leave your stroller in your car.
  • There aren’t any toilets at the hot springs, but you can purchase something and use the toilet at La Locanda di Petriolo’s Bistrot just up the road from the springs.
  • The baths are small and shallow, which makes them easy to sit in with kids.  Plus, the river is fun for little ones (I’d argue, even more fun!).
  • Prep your kids for the sulphur smell.  Explain what it is so they won’t be shocked when they get their first whiff of ‘rotten eggs.’
  • Put your baby in a swim diaper.

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Petriolo Hot Springs FAQ

Are there hotels next to the Petriolo Hot Springs? 

Yes, you can stay at La Locanda di Petriolo, which is less than 100 meters from the free public hot springs and just across the street from the paid Terme di Petriolo (thermal baths).  You could also stay at Relais Le Macine di Stigliano or Mercure Petriolo Siena Terme Spa Hotel.

Are the Petriolo hot springs worth a day trip from Siena?

You could make a day trip from Siena to the Petriolo hot springs, but I’d recommend visiting Bagno Vignoni or Bagni San Filippo instead.

Petriolo hot springs with river and trees in background in Tuscany, Italy.