View of Brolio castle and its gardens from the terrace

Visiting Brolio Castle (Castello di Brolio) with Kids

Visiting a castle is always a hit with kids, so make sure you stop at Brolio Castle (Castello di Brolio) while you’re in Chianti.  The castle dates to the Middle Ages and has been owned by the Ricasoli family since 1141!  Kids will enjoy exploring the outside grounds, the chapel, the crypt, and the gardens.  The visit is self-guided, and if you’d like to see the small collection of armor inside the building, you can pay a supplement to get a quick tour of the armory.  There are also other tours available if you’d like to go more in-depth or have questions answered by a guide.

Why Visit Brolio Castle (Castello di Brolio)?

Boys looking at Brolio castle (Castello di Brolio) from a small wall

Do your kids love knights or learning about battles in the Middle Ages?  Have your little ones imagined themselves as kings or queens or defenders of a real castle?  Are your children fans of traditional armor?  Have you or your children ever wondered what a medieval castle looks like? Do you have an older child interested in wine production or wine history?  Are you looking for a relaxing activity with something for all ages?  If so, a stop at Brolio Castle is perfect for you!

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Arriving at Brolio Castle (Castello di Brolio)

Entrance road to Castello di Brolio (Brolio Castle).  Two huge stone pillars are on either side of the road.  There are brown road signs on the left for Brolio and L'Eroica.  The road goes uphill and there are coniferous trees on either side.

You’ll arrive at a strange 5-way intersection with the Ricasoli winery.  Drive uphill through the gate.  You can either park in the parking lot partway up on the left (close to the Osteria del Brolio) or continue all the way up to the castle parking lot (recommended).  Park and walk 100 meters to the ticket office (biglietteria).

Buying Tickets

Visitor's pamphlet for Castello di Brolio (Brolio Castle), sitting on terracotta bricks.

Current ticket prices and opening days and hours can be found on the Ricasoli website at  As of June 2021, the entrance to the Brolio castle grounds included a tasting of one wine at the Ricasoli winery and the main intersection.  Don’t forget to get the pamphlet – it has a map and historical information about the castle.

Visiting the Castle

Little boy pretending to shoot at arrow through a narrow slit in a wall at Castello di Brolio (Brolio Castle).

The castle visit is self-guided, so take your time.  Our kids find the most interesting parts to be:

  • Seeing where the archers could shoot arrows from the castle walls and where hot oil could be dropped below onto would-be intruders.
  • Noticing the difference in colors of the castle.  The red clay bricks of Siena contrast with the grey stone of Florence, just like the buildings in the respective cities.
  • Peering into the family crypt from ground level.
  • Entering the small chapel and admiring the beautiful mosaics behind the altar.  If your kids have ever made their own mosaic, they know how time consuming they can be.
  • Walking down the steps into the family crypt.  We look for Baron Ricasoli, inventor of the Chianti wine recipe.
  • Talking about what the iron rings are for.  Some were used for tying up horses, and some also have a place to hold a torch.
  • Searching for big bumblebees in the gardens, especially when lavender is blooming.
  • Finding the marks in the building from the bombardments of World War II.
  • Admiring the spectacular view of the vineyards and countryside from the large terrace.
  • Walking on the castle walls and pretending to defend the castle.

After Visiting Brolio Castle

If you visit in the morning, you can eat lunch after the tour.  Other options include tasting wines at the Ricasoli winery, stopping for a coffee at the café, or walking along the gravel roads around the property.  Inside the ticket office is a small gift shop that children will enjoy visiting.

Eating at Brolio Castle (Castello di Brolio)

Osteria di Brolio

The walkway to the restaurant at Castello di Brolio, Osteria di Brolio.  The path is surrounded by tall coniferous trees.  and green grass.

The Osteria offers a full menu for a sit-down lunch.  It’s a great option because it’s shaded.  If you know you’d like to eat here, it’s best to reserve ahead as it can get crowded, especially on weekends.  There are gluten-free pasta options available.

Picnic Lunch in the Vineyard

View of Brolio Castle (Castello di Brolio) from the vineyard below

We like to pack a lunch and eat on the edge of the vineyard.  You can park in two lots below the castle – instead of turning left to drive back down to the 5-way intersection, continue straight downhill on the gravel road.  You will find two parking lots on your left.  Park there and walk across the road to the vineyard to enjoy your lunch.

Agribar Brolio

Vintage bicycle art on the wall of Brolio Castle Cafe at Castello di Brolio.

This café is worth a stop to see the décor of vintage bicycle gear, a telephone and more.  Besides coffees, you can order light snacks like meat and cheese platters or sandwiches.

Wine Tasting at Brolio Castle (Castello di Brolio)

True, wine tasting isn’t an activity for children, but if you have a chance to stop into the winery, it’s worth a visit.  After all, Barone Ricasoli invented the ‘recipe’ for Chianti wine (a mix of Sangiovese, Canaiolo, and Malvasia, although he didn’t specify today’s 70%/20%/10% standard)!  Also, remember that your ticket to visit the Castello di Brolio grounds includes a taste of one of the wines in the Brolio Winery (Ricasoli 1141).

Brolio Castle Contact Information

Brolio Castle
Località Madonna a Brolio
53013 Gaiole In Chianti (SI), Italy